The curriculum at UAS Campus School & VC Pre-University College is designed to provide holistic education and academic excellence. The curriculum motivates students to become lifelong learners and seek knowledge which is experiential and transformational in nature. The curriculum is regularly updated to stimulate students’ interests and gain the knowledge. Teachers strive to make the classes as interactive as possible and use different methods to get the best out of each student. Collaborative learning is incorporated into lessons so students can share ideas and learn with and from each other. We encourage our students to think for themselves, ask questions and pursue their interests through independent reading and research.

How UAS enriches?

  • Balanced Schooling between academics and sports
  • We offer strong foundation and promises best subject knowledge enhancement.
  • We give global edge to every student through Indian Search Talent Exam and other competitive exams.
  • Develops life skills like Communication & Interpersonal skills.
  • Teachers / Student Self – management.
  • Improves the leadership qualities of the students.
  • Teachers frequently attending workshops\seminars organised by department of education.


Nursery & Primary School


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