Admission Rules

ATTENDANCE: Every student has to attend the school on the re-opening day after each vacation.

  • If absent, due to ailment the CHM has to be informed and medical Certificate should be submitted with a leave letter for the day on leave
  • Parents must attend every Parent-Teacher Meeting (PTM). If the parent does not attend the PTM, student will be marked absent for the day on when the meeting is held.

PUNCTUALITY:   The school encourages punctuality. Parents are advised to inculcate in their wards the habit of coming early to school. No relaxation on this principle shall be entertained.

  • If a student comes late for assembly, the student will be marked absent and tends to lose a point for the house which he\she represents.

ABSENCE:  Prior permission is required even for short absence like social, religious functions or excursions. Long absence, without intimation, will result in the pupil’s name being struck off the rolls. The minimum attendance for all classes is 75% of the working days.

  • Pupil who does not have a minimum of 75% attendance may not be promoted to a higher class or sent for the final examination.

LEAVE NOTES are to be written in the columns provided for this purpose in the school diary. Reasons for leave should be specified clearly by the parents and signed.

  • Pupil is always expected to be polite in speech and courteous in manners. Neatness and cleanliness in dress and person will always be insisted upon. Long hair is not permitted for boys. It should always be off and above the forehead and should not cover the ears and the nape.
  • Girls to have two plaits (folded & tied up).

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