Rules Regarding Admission

  • The admission is normally restricted to children of the UAS employees, but application of others children are considered only if the seats are available.
  • The parents/guardians seeking admission of their children/wards to the school can get application on payment of RS.600/-in the month of April.The application form duly filled in should be considered depending upon the seats available in a particular class.
  • The proof regarding the age has to be furnished along with the application. In the case of students coming from others school,the TC has to be countersigned by the B.E.O/D.D.P.I.
  • In case of fresh admission to NI and std I,a birth certificate from the concerned authority (Registrar of births and Deaths)(Form 9)is a must.
  • Parents/guardians shall make sure of the name and date of birth of children before they are recorded in the school register.The name and the date of birth once entered in the register cannot be altered without the written permission of director of public instructions,government of Karnataka
  • Satisfactory testimonials of conduct shall be required from pupils who come from others institution. Same is required from pupil of this institution for their continuation in this school.
  • Children above 3 years and 10 months are eligible for admission to nursery class and those above 5 years and 10 months are normally eligible for admission to standard I as on 1 st June.
  • Students who pass N II and Std. VII from this School have to seek fresh admission to Standard I and VIII respectively.
  • Entrance examination will be conducted for all new.entrants for all classes except Nursery I.

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