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UAS Campus School and UAS  & VC Pre-university college, Hebbal, Bengaluru a co-education institution under the management of UAS Campus Colony Club, was established in the year 1973.

Initially sprouting as primary school to impart elementary education to the residents of UAS Campus now is extending quality education up-to standard X in English medium. The school is recognised by the Government of Karnataka and follows the syllabus prescribed by them ( Reg. No.:523/73-74 ).

The school prepares its students for academic excellence simultaneously laying a strong foundation for value based education.

Discipline:-We firmly believe in education as a package which contains moral values, ethics, discipline & character building concepts which lay the path towards good citizenship. The excellence in NCC and Scout is added feather to the crown of discipline. UAS Campus School and UAS & VC Pre-university college is witnessing at most discipline, the legacy borrowed from its rich heritage.

Principal Desk 

The UAS Campus School and UAS & VC Pre-university college family strives for change and to move forward. I have taken the responsibility of taking this excellence institution to greater heights, to provide the children with education which will not only provide development of their overall personality but give the opportunity to build character and become responsible citizens with a well establish value system.With the blessings of the almighty and with the help of the dedication, commitment and hard work of our staff, the school has been able to successfully progress, realising its goal and visions. I am extremely pleased with the Class X students for their exceptional feat in the State board 2021-22 examinations. Their remarkable performance of 98% pass result speaks volumes about the extraordinary education imparted by the UAS Campus School and UAS  & VC Pre-university college family.

The student School Diary is an important means of communication between Parents& teachers / You and Us.
We request you and will appreciate if you can be an partner in this major responsibility seriously and keep in touch with the content of your child’s School Diary.Let the child feel that he/she is being cared for and his teachers and parents are equally concerned about his/her growth and education.
we value and appreciate the positive support of our parents and also welcome them to our premises where we can work in partners for the benefit of the pupil.

Best wishes,

Ramesh N

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